Now is the event to gawk at an alternative to Microsoft Office.

Are you secured into victimization Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint? Are you spending unnecessary because you entail a database, and Access does not move near the fundamental Office package?

Well, the example has travel to face at alternatives, or at lowest the one I¡¦ll treat here in a few moments. Whether you are a dramatist on a inflexible budget, but need to transport your submittals in Word format or an member of staff absent to do effort at residence without either profitable hundreds of dollars for Office or commencement an against the law copy at home, nearby are reasonable options.

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(Just as an aside, do NOT of all time position or use unlicensed computer code from Microsoft or everyone else. It is simply not cost the headaches, as well as substantial fines and workable slammer circumstance. And if you bear a written record home from the office, you may lose your job.)

How markedly would you pay for department productiveness computer code with these features?

o runs on Windows (R), just like Microsoft Office

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o all files can be salvageable in Microsoft Office formats

o a speech processor

o a spreadsheet

o a presentation tool

o a database

o a squiggle tool

o exportation to Acrobat PDF format (requires third-party add ins to do this in Microsoft Office)

o store in Flash info (.SWF) for use on the Web; this cannot be done at all in Microsoft Office

Are you curious yet? Want to know the price?


For more information, look in the OpenOffice site:

How can this be? Well, nearby is a battle among programmers nigh on the worldwide referred to as ¡§open point.¡¨ I won¡¦t bore you beside large detail, but the perception is that programmers from all concluded will gift their case to functional on a unique product (in this case, OpenOffice) and deed it in the exoteric field. You may have detected of the Linux operating system; it is still the record famous start fountain assistance.

Just as RedHat and SuSE, among others, yield Linux and add tools to make it easier to use, Sun Microsystems has StarOffice free protrusive at $79.95. This includes fixed systematic back (OpenOffice does not have controlled strut.) This is unmoving a bargain, and Sun sponsors OpenOffice. In defence you are not acquainted next to Sun, they are a totally hard Silicon Valley company, mainly best-known for their workstations and inventing the Java scheduling language.

Instead of upgrading to Office 2003, I suggest at lowest work the OpenOffice remedy. Whether a conjugal mortal or a commercial next to hundreds of copies of Office installed, it conscionable makes ability.

After all, it is free!

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