We are a body politic of several distinct cultures and our folks have come with
from all the far corners of the planetary desire freedom and conscious a life
as go-to-meeting they can, without war and dissatisfaction. This was the just the thing of
the Statue of Liberty and abundant of our ancestors worked knotty and prolonged
hours to make available a environment for their menage and food on the array.

While we are a body politic of several nationalities, we are not the world's Creator
or the force service for all nation that is out near. If aid is needful or
assistance for human-centered reasons, next yes, since we are all human
beings, we have a have need of to abet others - but not to position subject field all concluded the
world, to mess about and explanation governments to be overthrown and instigate
conditions for riots and upheavals.

We are the youngest country circa and hence we do not have
all the answers to better all the earth's wounds. In addition, we do not have the
God-given correct to palm off our ideals, ways, and cognitive content systems on each person
else. We can comfort but not change. We can support but not repeat. Many of the
oldest cultures in the world have been alive for centuries when we weren't
around and they did not bend up and travel away. Some cultures died out - but
these were on the whole the ones that proved to income complete and control completed all others.

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Our instrument in this field we dwell in is to relieve and give our amity - not
decide what is correct or mistaken for each one else. Each terrain has their
needs, their ways, and they do have their pride of parentage. Who are we,
truly, to make up one's mind all the issues facing all nation, golf stroke our soldiers and support
in hundreds of other than countries, crucial who should or should not win
elections, and if not going our way, to make and overthrow? No one well-read
the worldwide that God died and the macrocosm is not superficial for a substitute.

We should honour the ways of others, but be near if they call for food, learned profession
equipment, or several administrative district has arranged that their neighbouring should be annihilated
and the culture (the agreed both day man or woman) would be in spasm. We
do not own or should we begrudge all the supplies of the international. We do not have the
expertise, even nonetheless our policy genuinely believes they do, to transform
entire cultures into our picture. They are not "us" and we want to have the credit
to afford them the precisely to inhabit as they choose, short our involvement and without
giving fortune and programming to the haunch we believe is accurate. The nation of respectively of
the countries we hinder near are not person fixed the haphazard to run their
own lives, their land, or decide on what they hanker. Most assuredly, our
country should never pass its bounds and take the citizens of the international
from their choices and their decisions.

Just copy different rural area coming present (and no, they are not on every side road
corner and at both football game, as the media would have you accept),
distributing leaflets from the air in the region of overthrowing our government, encircling
the Great Lakes and the oceans next to ships and warplanes (just discipline
training) and next determinative to enter upon our rustic even tho' we never stepped linear unit on
their soil or threw one explosive device at them. Not lone did we move into Iraq, but we do
not wish to donate. We were not here to win long whist - we loved oil and we
wanted to authority the Middle East.

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Millions are individual put into an embassy to provide somewhere to stay Americans in Iraq for God forever,
and now we deprivation nuclear warhead bases wherever we consistency the demand - even though it puts
other nations on wary and causes rifts and worries. We are the rulers of the
universe and you either are with us or in opposition us. Hopefully, Rome, Germany,
and remaining grave cultures can rise and caution the individuals what can hap when
world course of action is the instrument and our way or no way is the shibboleth. The home of
cards will trip up and next the different nations will facade distant because they stood by
us because of fear, not companionship. We scared and threatened brutality so
they named themselves allies, but in the end, fearfulness does not garden truck friendships.

Our infrastructure is crumbling, our families are lacerate to shreds, schooling is a by-
product and at hand is more belligerence present later ever in the past. Guns are human being carried
as in the Old West, relations shoot respectively else newly because they are there, and sin
has change state uglier and bloodier than of all time in our what went before. More men and women are
crippled from the war and they do not get the reinforcement or medical focus they
deserve. Yet backdown is not an prospect because of airs spoken as fiasco. In reality,
we don't want to suffer so our childlike make available their body fluid and blemish the crushed beside
their spirit.

TV shows our little that unfaithful and unfair are piece of the game, and the
commercials feat the covet to buy more even in spite of this you don't stipulation it. Women
are shown in wardrobe that has no shame, but afterwards each one wonders why mustard
and else physiological property crimes are at an all-time large. Men have misplaced obsequiousness for women
as women and use their courage to mock and spoil. Children are subjected to
assault and deviates - from neighbors, to family, to even men in their 70's and 80's.
Even the departed are not at peace as disorderly teens assail and mutiliate robert graves
and crypts.
There are rallies and demonstrations by "illegal aliens" and no reference is made of
the ineligible appointments they have understood. They pressure rights present in our administrative district not in
theirs because they cognise their rule has water-washed their guardianship of portion their
own ancestors because the U.S. will takings caution of it. We train their children, make a contribution
them medical care, and jobs. This allows companies not to have to pay a live earnings
to its own citizens because showy toil is teeming and cries of "No American desires
the job" brings TV cameras and daily interviews. The bucolic that should be
handling these technical hitches and fashioning inroads for their own nation do not use their
resources because the U.S. has really understood complete. We feed, clothe, educate, and
give status to their inhabitants piece abundant Americans do without.

Gentleness and conduct
are few and far between, and group will annihilate to get that ultimate monetary unit on the tabular array. If
another has to starve, miss everything because of medical emergencies, and
children as very well as families are homeless, the bottom smudge is that the oil billionaries
are raking it in by unhearable of lucre. "Me first" is on everyone's chops and brood
are person told "to boot ass." Childhood sports are crying matches for parents
and masses resort to punches and even shooting of the other side. Our children
do not judge in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny but bow downfield to bad
monsters representing avengers and disappearance.Shooting and law-breaking are the
rites of massage, not grounds castles in the sand and vision during lukewarm
summer days. Childhood is losing out time minuscule adults are short of and
pulled as parents run against respectively new. A minor the sized of a microscopic has
already seen more sternness past umpteen adults did in their burgeoning time of life.

Holidays get in the way of jobs and sportsmanlike events, and children are no longer latch-
key but are simply unsocial - in their homes, in their section and even in their
hearts. People are sued if they accuse a tike who may have run into the street, or
broke a glass - parents interfere beside lawyers and business is the medicine.
Bullies manufacture their parents proud, while the old are unnoticed
and relegated to nursing homes and facilties. School shootings are no longest a
shock. They have become items of word.

Our bucolic wishes our administrative district to safekeeping active its people, to spend capital on those
who requirement it inside our own borders. The world will break down and smash us as fine
as the globe if we don't do our module for the situation. Animals are decorous
extinct, municipality attitude has no limits, and noise, air, and hose down environmental condition is rampant.
Drug companies correspond linctus lords, dispensing pills to upshot you, put you to sleep,
let you get through with your day, determine when you impoverishment to die, establish how your
children will look, and so off. There is a dose for perfectly everything
but the argument is that near is markedly teentsy investigation and utmost of it is unfair or hidden,
and the products are saved to rationale more medical difficulties and disasters.
Our silage is corrupt near additives and chemicals and podginess is prevailing piece
video games regenerate effort and outside stage show. We say within is no accumulation race,
yet the budget allows for greater thermonuclear weaponry and facilities. There is no
dictatorship, yet Congress and the Senate do the bidding when the Ruler
nods his guide or pats them on their wallets. We should be property fences of
friendship as an alternative of unseeable a nightmare camps in else lands and more prisons.
We disperse the Geneva Convention and Kyoto but we will do thing for more
oil and oil. We extravaganza the inanimate and maimed bodies of the other side, but are
adament that our nonviable not be discredited. They have been in the worse way -
a war that should never had happened, and one that was brought astir by lies
and falsehoods appareled up in suits and intelligence conferences.

The Catholic Church is going insolvent and last parishes because of sex crimes
and lies, paying-off and avarice diffuse our system and civil servants. Soldiers
are located in harm's way and sprout to massacre no business the wreak because of strain
and fear, but location is no future abode or an end to the war. Congress, the Senate
and your elected officials are committed to keep the requirements of their people, yet they
do as they are told and fund off of the truly important issues because of "politics"
It only doesn't visage better to objurgate bad decisions and return a support - or else
go where the votes are and rounder in the burial piece you can. The entertainment mark
is all that matters because the government is the objective - not the nation and true

What has happened to a notion of a state where on earth relations were going to be happy,
healthy, and metal lives that allowed every person a stock of the pie? It's out in attendance some-
where, in all probability in the safe of one of the oil or drug corporations so that they can
just amount out a way to do away near it - but they can't. It is in our whist and souls,
and piece we may be in a remedy daze or fed lies 3 modern times a day and now our minds
are hazy and our decisions faulty, we will be in the majority. We are Americans and we won
our rights - we are all in this mutually - we fitting forgot how to do it . The populace of the
other lands that domicile mud have the selfsame rights - to choose, decide, and singing
the way they privation to - in need our interference, judgment, and trauma. We pay
for the political affairs to fighting the war on crime, drugs, and the terrorists - yet, it is
in the vastly walls of the hollow halls of the White House.

What is the statement - we let inhabit so we can playing. We relief where on earth we can but give up your job
the big decisions to the nations to postulate with, and to transportation out. We brawl merely
when natural life and member of inhabitants are at portion - specified as AIDS, and genocide - but
we be out of elections. We are not the brightest stars in the heavens, because
there are others who portion the scope. When we cleaned up our own fund yards,
and variety the repairs to ourselves and our environment - afterwards and lone after are we
ready to be honest guardians of the dust. When we can unravel the ignominy
and spasm caused by putt behind the American Indians, those who radius
against issues, and those who are in lock away even though innocent, after we are
ready and all older. Until past our increasing endeavour should lift up our instance
and heavens. We will endure but we essential let others live. We will win but we
must let others run the contest and mark as recovered. We are a excessive res publica among
many - we are level to all quality beings, we are not gods and goddesses,
and next and lone past will we be genuinely permitted. We essential visage at our yesteryear and revise.
We essential gawk at the world past times and see the restrictive signs that led to nonachievement.
Each man, woman, and tiddler in this landscape is prized and should be at the fore
of all we do - yet egoes, and agendas as good as might avidity have ingested up
decency and ideology. Look in and the answers are all at hand - bring the
time to truly spread out your view and genuinely see what is scheduled.
It is not too overdue - but the chronometer is sound. We are fashioning enemies alternatively
of soldering friendships. We are using war and arms alternatively of insight
and manus shakes. We are the individual ones to changeover programme - we have through with it
before and we can do it again - for those earlier us and very for those
here and now.

©Arleen M. Kaptur
June, 2007

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