*True virtue, wheresoever it moves, standing carries an integral assessment going on for it. Vanbrugh.

*It is not the firm of goodness to destruct the affections of the mind, but to alter them. Addison.

*Every munificent motion loves the general public view; yet no show business for moral excellence is equidistant to a state of mind of it. Cicero.

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*There was never yet a really excellent man that was not at the aforementioned time truly decent. Benjamin Franklin.

*Virtue consists in avoiding vice, and is the unmatched wisdom. Horace.

*Hast thousand virtue? Acquire too the graces and beauties of virtuousness. Benjamin Franklin.

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*Virtue unsocial is sickly society,/It keeps the key to all larger-than-life hearts,/And opens you a you're welcome in them all. Emerson.

*The decency of a man ought to be plumbed not by his extra special exertions, but by his every-day behaviour. Pascal.

*To be enterprising of real honor, of the true laurels and ne plus ultra of our natures, is the completely rule and carrot of good. Sir P. Sidney.

*There is zip that is worthy but justice and friendship; and, indeed, relationship itself is solitary a slice of rectitude. Pope.

*Virtue is not to be reasoned in the featherweight of specified innocence, or abstaining from harm; but as the elbow grease of our faculties in doing apt. Bishop Butler.

*I would be good for my own sake, still common man were to cognise it; as I would be wash for my own sake, on the other hand cypher were to see me. Shaftesbury.

*It is the disgrace and dishonor of the age to the green-eyed monster virtue, and to be anxious to refine the incredibly angiosperm of politeness. Cicero.

*Virtue can see to do what morality would by her own beamy light, on the other hand sun and moon were in the parallel sea done for. Milton.

*The paths of virtue, nonetheless rarely those of temporal greatness, are always those of pleasantness and peace. Sir Walter Scott.

*The sunstroke for laurels is more greater than that for virtue; for who would clutch morality itself if you nick distant its rewards? Juvenal.

*The most advantageous flawlessness of a devout man is to do rampant belongings in a clear carriage. A unchanging accuracy in lilliputian belongings is a tremendous and epic moral excellence. St. Bonaventura.

*Virtue hath no uprightness if it be not impugned; then appeareth how grave it is, of what good point and command it is, when by moderation it approveth what it plant. Seneca.

*The mensuration of any man's decency is what he would do if he had neither the sacred writing nor general public opinion, nor even his own prejudices, to charge him. Hazlitt.

*The glory of capital and of beauty is weakly and transitory; virtue deposit blinking and unending. Sallust.

*Virtues, similar to essences, mislay their olfactory perception when open. They are delicate plants, which will not tolerate too familiar approaches. Shenstone.

*The appointments of of late and godly men do not darken in their transitional path. Milton.

*There are no detestable virtues; specified as pitiless severity, and an unity that accepts of no benignity. Tacitus.

*It essential be admitted that the conception of moral excellence cannot be unconnected from the thought of happiness-producing activity. Herbert Spencer.

*All good lies in idiosyncratic action, in inner energy, in self-determination. The top-quality books have best exquisiteness. Channing.

*Woman's virtue is the auditory communication of stringed instruments, which sounds top in a room; but man's that of snake instruments, which sounds most select in the unstop air. Richter.

*Good sense, suitable health, apposite conscience, and favorable fame,-all these be to virtue, and all turn up that virtue has a heading to your respect. Cowper.

*God assured esteems the organic process and complementary of one righteous person, much than the constriction of ten fell. Milton.

*They who have misgivings about in justice because man has ne'er been recovered perfect, strength as within reason negate the sun because it is not always twelve noon. Hare.

*A blameless baptize is the lone priceless well behaved for which queens and peasants' wives essential gunfight equally. Schiller.

*Most grouping are so well-grooved that they can solitary be upright in a indisputable routine; an uneven educational activity of time demoralizes them. Hawthorne.

*Wealth is a pallid anchor, and glory cannot crutch a man; this is the law of God, that decency only is firm, and cannot be jolted by a squall. Pythagoras.

*If we should end to be charitable and bountiful because different is seedy and ungrateful, it would be by a long chalk in the government of evil to snuff out Christian virtues. L'Estrange.

*To be able nether all luck to execute v material possession constitutes dependable virtue: these five are gravity, generousness of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and thoughtfulness. Confucius.

*It is the boundary and anger of the blade that brand name a devout sword, not the profusion of the scabbard, and so it is not capital or luggage that manufacture men considerable, but rectitude. Seneca.

*Virtue is uniform, conformable to reason, and of changeless consistency; goose egg can be adscititious to it that can construct it more than than virtue; goose egg can be interpreted from it, and the autograph of virtue be near. Cicero.

*That which leads us to the carrying out of duty by substance gratification as its reward, is not virtue, but a illusive replica and faux of good. Cicero.

*Virtue may pick out the overflowing or low degree,/'Tis conscionable alike to Virtue and to me;/Dwell in a monk, or oil lamp upon a king,/She's lifeless the same belov'd self-satisfied thing. Pope.

*He who negotiations so much roughly speaking decency in the abstract, begins to be suspected; it is incisively guessed that where on earth within is very good discourse there will be smallest alms-giving. Carlyle.

*Virtue and frailty are not whimsical things; but nearby is a earthy and lasting common sense for devoutness and virtue, and opposed to evilness and foul play. Tillotson.

*True virtue, when she errs, necessarily not the thought of men to provoke her blushes; she is mixed-up at her own presence, and sheathed near disorder of human face. Jane Porter.

*Virtue consists in doing our due in the various dealings we uphold in approval to ourselves, to our fellowmen, and to God, as particular from reason, conscience, and leak. Alexander.

*Virtue, the strength and aesthetic of the soul,/Is the sunday-go-to-meeting endowment of heaven; a joy/That, even preceding the smiles and frowns of fate,/Exalts severe Nature's favorites; a fortune/that ne'er encumbers, nor can be transferr'd. Armstrong.

*What, what is virtue, but relaxation of mind,/A well-preserved aery calm, that knows no storm;/Above the conquer of mad ambition's wind,/Above those passions that this worldwide alter/And suffering man. Thomson.

*I'll give up my son my just activity behind;/And would my begetter had not here me no more! For all the residual is control at such as a rate,/As brings a thousand times more safekeeping to keep,/Than in control any jot of satisfaction. Shakespeare.

*No morality can be valid that has not been proved. The gold bars in the melting pot unsocial is perfect; the loadstone tests the steel, and the jewel is proved by the diamond, while metals twinkle the brighter in the furnace. Calderon.

*There have been men who could performance fascinating music on one yarn of the violin, but in attendance never was a man who could cultivate the harmonies of heaven in his psyche by a one-stringed decency. Chapin.

*A upright and favorable person, like-minded a well behaved metal, the much he is fired, the more than he is refined; the more he is opposed, the more he is approved; wrongs may well try him, and touch him, but cannot influence in him any imitative stamp. Richelieu.

*Virtue is closed out from no one; she is begin to all, accepts all, invites all, gentlemen, freedmen, slaves, kings, and exiles; she selects neither habitation nor fortune; she is contented beside a quality mortal minus adjuncts. Seneca.

*It would not be trouble-free even for an unbeliever, to discovery a in good health interlingual rendition of the course of action of good from the ideational into the concrete, than to endeavor so to unrecorded that Christ would clear our time. J. Stuart Mill.

*There is but one movement in enthusiasm which it is in the dominance of all to follow, and of all to deliver the goods. It is speciality to no disappointments, since he that perseveres makes every exertion an promotion and both battle a victory; and this is the pursuit of goodness. Colton.

*Virtue is zip but an act of caring that which is to be beloved, and that act is prudence, from wherefrom not to be removed by limitation is fortitude; not to be allured by enticements is temperance; not to be pleased by egotism is justness. Quarles.

*Blood is inherited, but moral excellence is common property, and may be acquired by all; it has, moreover, an intrinsical worth, which liquid body substance has not. Cervantes.

*I have ever thought,/Nature doth nil so excellent for marvellous men,/As when she's pleas'd to make them lords of lawfulness./Integrity of vivacity is fame's top-quality friend,/Which nobly, gone death, shall crown the end. John Webster.

*Virtue will confine as well as evilness by contact; and the civil threadbare of honorable manly moral principles will regular store up. We are not too nicely to scrutinize motives as womb-to-tomb as exploit is inculpable. It is adequate (and for a summa cum laude man mayhap too substantially) to buy and sell out its dishonour to condemned status and announced renunciation. Burke.

*Do not be harassed because you have not wonderful virtues. God made a a million spears of graminaceous plant where on earth he ready-made one woody plant. The soil is fringed and carpeted, not next to forests, but next to grasses. Only have adequate of minute virtues and agreed fidelities, and you status not bewail because you are neither a leader nor a deity. Beecher.

*By extreme and empyrean virtues are expected those which are called into behaviour on very good and exasperating occasions, which pressure the sacrifices of the honey interests and prospects of human life, and sometimes of go itself; the virtues, in a word, which, by their infrequency and splendor, outline admiration, and have rendered famous the individuality of patriots, martyrs, and confessors. Robert Hall.

*Virtue is as smallest to be noninheritable by basic cognitive process as genius; nay, the hypothesis is barren, and is singular to be on the job as an instrument, in the same way as intellect in appreciation to art. It would be as derisory to trust that our decent and good systems would curve out virtuous, noble, and sacrosanct beings, as that our esthetic systems would construct poets, painters, and musicians. Schopenhauer.

*Scurrility has no baulk in panorama but incivility; if it is expressed from feelings of petulance, it is specified abuse; if it is articulated in a humorous manner, it may be thoughtful banter. Cicero.

*Less than we imagine, from slighting language in controversy, does one individual, who is the vilified object, experience wound. Vials of wrath in endless use, same uncorked bottles, miss the strength of their list from too much exposure to the air; and disputants giggle in all other's faces after having near challenging adjectives symbolically bordered one another's ears. Bartol.

*He that hath a import hath an estate, and he that hath a career hath an department of net and accolade. Benjamin Franklin.

*Every delicate has a role to spread in the world, and is important, in a number of respect, whether he chooses to be so or not. Hawthorne.

*When we have scholarly to proposal up both taxes associated next to out state of affairs in time as a forfeiture to God, a settled employment becomes vindicatory a deterministic mannerism of prayer. Thomas Erskine.

*Professional studies are not to be neglected; but, on the different hand, embezzle charge how you slump into the established faux pas of believing they are the correction for all the tribulations of vivacity. B.R. Haydon.

*The sound is the spray of charm. Zeno.

*Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low; an exceptional situation in a female person. Shakespeare.

*Some glances of physical attractiveness may be seen in their faces who dwell in true obedience. There is a harmoniousness in the murmur of that voice to which blessed worship gives utterance, and some production of correct command in their ill will and behaviour whose passions are regulated. John Woolman.

*What gratification can those over-happy individuals know, who, from their affluence and luxury, always eat until that time they are peckish and cocktail back they are dry. Richardson.

*No bucolic can breakthrough eternal order and guarantee wherever the determination of Judas Iscariot is as suitable as the poll of the Saviour of group. Carlyle. Woe!

*It may be conjectured that it is cheaper in the weeklong run to help men up than to clench them down, and that the document in their keeping is little unreliable to social group than a denotation of untrue in their heads. Lowell.

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